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Freeze your Fear

Fight, Flight. Or Freeze it Away

F-E-A-R=False Evidence Appearing Real…But when your brain believes it to be real, it can be scary. Which brings your body back to the caveman days. So many, many, many years ago when the Big Mammal came to attack, you either Fought it (Fight) or took off running as fast as you could (Flight or Flee).

Nowadays in January 2021, some things may come your way, where you feel fearful and feel it’s time to Fight or Flee. There’s various ways to help you with the Fear factor. In this Soulution, we look at The Wim Hof Method.

Wim Hof’s wife committed suicide in 1995, the father of four was completely paralyzed by fear of the future. He experimented with various methods and landed on controlling his breath and focusing his mind to overcome extreme cold temperatures. By doing this, when his body felt fear, he was able to “scare” it away since he had effectively trained his mind not to freak out when cold temperatures came his way, he was able to use it in other situations to stay C-A-L-M in the face of FEAR.

Try the Two-Minute Method

The Goal is to take a very cold shower for Two-Minutes. Temperature should be under 60 degrees. I’d suggest just using only the Cold water, but depending where you live, you may need to add a tad of the Hot. Where I live in Hawaii, the Cold isn’t that cold, so I will try 100% cold water.

The method says to start your shower as normal with warm water. Then spray your feet, then legs and Immerse more from there. Try the full immersion at :10 or :15 seconds building up to :30 seconds. You’ll want to do the full immersion target of Two-Minutes to effectively use this method. Wim Hof says you’ll want to do the Two-Minutes for 5 days a week for 4 weeks. This, along with some breathing techniques, will train your mind to take over the Fight or Flight response.

With Success at the Two-Minute Cold Shower 5 days a week for 4 weeks, you will feel empowered to face fear in other situations. And from what Added Bonus: I’ve read and heard, the cold showers should help improve your immune system. Just be careful when trying this method of improving your life. A gradual process is probably best. I’ve never done this before, but am willing to give it a try. How Bout you? Wanna give it a go? Or let us know how you deal with fear in your life, give us a suggestion or Two in the comments Section.

Here’s a helpful video on safety tips on taking these cold showers:

Here is the “Iceman” telling first hand the method and the various things that the Cold Shower will help you with:

Have a Positive, Powerful, Pleasant, Peaceful Day!

By Scott Mackenzie

Blogger, Designer, Artist.Owner: You can contact me at (808) 275-1106 anytime.

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